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Fluff and Fold Laundry Service near Valley Glen, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, and Valley Village

Don't have enough time to do laundry? We can do it for you with our wash and fold service! With our service, we can have your laundry clean and ready for pickup the next day. Just drop it off at our in-store location and we'll do the rest. When you bring your laundry to Laundry LA, we wash and dry it separate from other loads, so if you have any special instructions just let the attendants know. We offer a variety of detergent options, such as Tide, Shout, Spray & Wash and Downy as well. Once the laundry is folded and bagged, you will be notified via text letting you know it's ready for pickup. If you seek even more convenience, check out our pickup and delivery service.

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**15 lb Minimum Order

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforter (King) $25.00
  • Comforter (Queen) $20.00
  • Comforter (Twin/Full) $15.00
  • Pillow $5.00
  • Mattress Pad $15.00
  • Blanket $15.00

Our wash and fold laundry service is $ 1.85 a pound and there is a 15 pound minimum order. We do charge differently for specialty items such as pillows and comforters. You will find that our wash and fold service is well worth the price because what is more valuable then your time? Do what you want to do instead of what you have to do. Our drop off laundry service is a perfect way to save yourself some time and effort!

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